Porcelain Onlays and Inlays in Bethlehem, PA

Does your smile not bring you joy due to decayed or damaged teeth? Are you struggling with the discomfort of sensitive teeth caused by old mercury or metal fillings? You shouldn’t have to cope with any complications to your oral health and overall well-being.

At Always About Smiles, we offer inlay and onlay Bethlehem PA treatment to restore your aesthetically pleasing and healthy smile.

What Are Porcelain Inlays and Onlays?

Onlays and inlays, also called partial crowns, are used as an alternative for when a larger filling won’t do. They’re able to cover a large area of damage, so if you have more extensive tooth decay or cracked teeth, onlays and inlays can repair the tooth while looking just like the real thing. They’re made of tough porcelain that is colored and carefully shaped to match your existing teeth. They are extremely hard and durable.

Onlays are used when there is damage on one of the biting surface cusps of a damaged tooth. Inlays repair the biting surface and inside the cusps of the teeth, filling in any nooks and crannies that could deteriorate the integrity of the tooth. In contrast to complete crowns, which require a large portion of the tooth surface to be trimmed, onlays and inlays only need the damaged part of the tooth to be trimmed.

An onlay or inlay can help conservatively preserve the healthy remainder of your tooth, as the decaying tooth material is removed and replaced with the onlay or inlay material as necessary.

What Are the Benefits of Porcelain Onlays and Inlays?

Aesthetically Pleasing Restorations

Porcelain onlays and inlays offer several aesthetic benefits. The tooth-colored porcelain provides a near-perfect fit, making your smile uniform and brighter, while the absence of metal fillings eliminates any cosmetic concern associated with discoloration from teeth. Whether you’re aiming for simple tooth contouring or comprehensive smile makeovers, porcelain onlays and inlays will afford you an attractive filling.

Enhanced Durability and Strength

Porcelain is a strong material that reinforces your natural tooth structure, reduces the risk of fractures, and prevents additional decay. Unlike composite resin or amalgam fillings, porcelain does not change shape or volume over time, safeguarding your dental function and offering a lasting smile. This advantage of porcelain restorations makes them an excellent choice for both restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Safe and Biocompatible

Unlike amalgam fillings, porcelain does not contain mercury, making our practice a mercury-free dental office. This ensures a friendly environment for your oral hygiene practices and overall systemic health. More so, it ensures you’re getting a dental service that is in tune with current health and safety standards.

Saves More of Your Healthy Tooth Structure

Dental inlays and onlays only replace the damaged part of the tooth, keeping more of your natural tooth intact compared to dental crowns or bridges. As a conservative option, they preserve further tooth structure and offer fewer gum disease or tooth pain risks. Consequently, these restorations protect the strength and stability of your remaining tooth structure, ensuring a longer-lasting treatment for tooth decay and damage.

Accurate Fit

Through digitally accurate impressions and advanced computer technology, onlays and inlays ensure a secure fit and bite. They perfectly cover the entire chewing surface, from the chewing cusps to interdental spaces, ensuring enhanced function and chewing comfort. Accuracy in fit and form also contributes to their natural-looking results, helping you maintain an attractive smile with no gaps or misalignments.

What Does Our Porcelain Onlays and Inlays Procedure Involve?

Step 1: Initial Examination and Preparation

The journey towards successful tooth restoration with porcelain onlays and inlays begins with an initial visit to our dental practice. During this appointment, our dedicated dentist will comprehensively evaluate your oral health and needs. If decayed teeth or damaged areas are identified, these will be carefully removed. The goal is to create a clean foundation for the inlay or onlay.

Step 2: Impression Taking

Once the problematic sections have been cleared, the next step involves preventing further damage to the tooth surface and preserving the tooth structure so it is ready for the inlay or onlay. An accurate impression of your tooth is taken using advanced digital technology, ensuring the custom onlay or inlay will securely fit within the contours of your tooth.

Step 3: Fabrication and Temporary Restoration

The impression is forwarded to our dental laboratory, where experts craft your porcelain onlay or inlay using advanced technologies and exact measurements. While waiting for the laboratory to complete this process, you will be fitted with a temporary restoration. This protects your tooth against any potential damage, ensuring a comfortable period before your custom porcelain inlay or onlay arrives.

Step 4: Application of the Permanent Restoration

Once your individualized porcelain onlay or inlay is ready, you will return to our office. During this second appointment, your temporary restoration will be gently removed. The porcelain inlay or onlay is then meticulously bonded to your tooth using advanced bonding technologies—a durable dental adhesive and specific bonding cement. This step is performed precisely, guaranteeing a perfect fit and a firm attachment for long-lasting use.

Step 5: Post-Procedure Care

After successfully attaching your porcelain onlay or inlay, we ensure you are fully equipped with all the necessary care instructions to maintain your dental restoration. Regular oral hygiene practices—including brushing, flossing, and hygiene appointments—are essential for preserving the health and durability of your dental bonding.

Similarly, it’s crucial to observe a proper diet, avoid hard or sticky foods that could damage the onlay or inlay, and maintain overall good lifestyle habits to prevent potential additional decay and ensure your bright smile lasts.

Restore Your Smile With Porcelain Onlays and Inlays at Always About Smiles 

Don’t let decayed, broken, or sensitive teeth rob you of your healthy smile any longer. At Always About Smiles, we strive to provide you with the ideal treatments to restore your natural teeth and boost your confidence. With porcelain onlays and inlays, we ensure a seamless blend with your natural tooth, providing durable and attractive restorative and cosmetic outcomes.

Our goal is to offer you a comfortable experience in our friendly office. We understand your deep concern for your dental health and offer efficient care, expertise, advanced technology, and a compassionate approach.

Ready to restore your smile? Call us today for your complimentary consultation.

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