Middletown in Pennsylvania: A Friendly Place

Middletown is a friendly place. Quaker settlers founded the town, and many of the traditions that they brought with them are still alive today. One example is Middletown’s annual Apple Butter Days festival which has been held every year since. This event celebrates Middletown’s heritage through food, music, crafts, and games for kids of all ages. Unfortunately, Middletown is a borough in Pennsylvania that is not as well known as other cities and towns. In the past, Middletown was primarily an agricultural community, but now it has become more of a residential area with some businesses located there. Learn information about Bethlehem, PA.

Over time, the population steadily grew from those who initially settled around about when another wave moved into town, where they started working at local iron furnaces for their livelihoods. Today Middletown’s population stands at close to twenty thousand people living comfortably within this small place that seems big enough because of all that it offers its residents and visitors alike. Middletown sits on top of three hills between two rivers. The Neshaminy Creek flows through its center and the Delaware River bordering it on its eastern side. Some of these iron furnaces remain that can be seen today along Main Street and other historical signs here and there throughout town to remind you how things used to be in days gone by. Discover facts about Bath in Pennsylvania.