Ill-Fitting Dentures: The Bad & The Ugly

Ill-Fitting Dentures: Taking Action Immediately

Dentures have been used to replace missing teeth for thousands of years. But modern-day dentures are far more advanced than they were just fifty or a hundred years ago! If properly fitted, dentures can look and feel just like real teeth.

However, when dentures are improperly fitted with your mouth and teeth, they may become uncomfortable, embarrassing, or they might even harm you!

Negative Health Impact Of Ill-Fitting Dentures

As dentures loosen, they cause a variety of negative health effects, some of which progress very quickly while others take time to settle in.


Dentures are supposed to feel very comfortable and natural. If they’re moving around in your mouth, or cause difficulty as you speak and eat, they could be misaligned.

Swollen Gums And Infection

Poorly-fitting dentures can irritate the gum line, causing swelling, irritation, blisters, and eventually infection.

Improper Bite

The shape of your jaw can be affected by ill-fitting dentures, causing an improper bite. This may not only hurt your confidence, but may also cause saliva to collect around the sides of your mouth. This can sometimes lead to infection.


As dentures loosen, they may exert pressure unnaturally on the facial muscles, bones, and gums. This can lead to headaches and pain in the ears. Patients with certain disorders such as temporomandibular joint disorder might experience even more pain as the jawbone is misaligned.

Premature Aging

Improperly fitted dentures can actually cause the face, cheeks, and lips to sag or sink, resulting in a sort of facial collapse that will make you look years older than you actually are!

Proper Denture Care With Always About Smiles

You should never attempt to repair or readjust your dentures on your own! Your dentist will have specialized tools for that purpose. 

And if you want it done right, pick Always About Smiles! Our dental practice has served the people of Bethlehem, PA, for years. We offer full, partial, and immediate dentures that we fit perfectly to your mouth for maximum comfort and performance. 

And of course, we’ll help you maintain your dentures and regularly adjust them whenever you need us to. We even offer implant-secured dentures that fuse directly with your jawbone, improving fit and stability. Contact us now to schedule an appointment!