Periodontist in Bethlehem PA: Treat Uncomfortable Chewing

Fighting Pain & Sensitivity While Eating

If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort while eating, you might have an underlying condition that warrants a dental checkup. This is especially true when the discomfort is chronic and just won’t go away by itself.

Thankfully, many of these conditions are very treatable, especially with an experienced dental practice like Always About Smiles – we diagnose and treat all sorts of chewing problems. 

Here’s what might be making it hard for you to chew and how you can get treated.

What Causes Painful Or Uncomfortable Eating?

Sensitive Teeth: When your enamel is worn down, the nerves in your teeth may be exposed, causing sensitivity and even pain when eating certain foods.

Worn Teeth: If you have worn teeth due to excessive grinding, you may have a misaligned bite. This can cause difficulty chewing.

Gum Disease: If your gums are highly inflamed due to gum disease, you may experience pain or sensitivity while chewing certain foods.

How To Treat Pain And Sensitivity

Depending on the cause of your chewing issues, you have several options for treating your pain. As always, visiting a dentist is the best way to identify and address your concerns! Here’s what we may recommend to relieve pain and discomfort:

Avoiding Trigger Foods: If you have sensitive teeth, some types of food may cause more pain than others – commonly, it’s food that’s very acidic, sweet, or cold. Identify and avoid these trigger foods to prevent pain!

Desensitizing Toothpaste: You can target the pain directly by using desensitizing toothpaste, which dampens the pain signals sent from the nerves in your teeth.

Painkillers: Ibuprofen and other over-the-counter medication can help reduce swelling and pain while you’re chewing.

Eat Pain-Free With Always About Smiles

Avoiding certain foods or using special toothpaste and painkillers only address the symptoms of your condition, not the root cause of the problem. For the best (and long-lasting) results, you may need dental treatments that strengthen enamel, correct gum disease, reduce inflammation, and repair damaged teeth.

If you’re in Bethlehem, PA, choose Always About Smiles! We will help you get rid of chewing pain once and for all. Book a consultation with us now, and take advantage of our decades of dental expertise.