Dental Anxiety: Easing Your Fears About Going To The Dentist

Dental Anxiety: Your First Relaxing Dentist Appointment

Around 36% of the population experiences some form of dental fear whenever they need to make an appointment. While you might associate dental anxiety with children, a lot of adults are scared about going to the dentist too!

Whether it’s because of nerves, lack of understanding of the dental procedure, or past negative experiences, a lot of people struggle with anxiety prior to dental visits. At Always About Smiles, we have plenty of experience with helping nervous or scared patients through their sessions to make dental visits enjoyable. 

Just getting through the front door for a consultation can be a small victory for some of our patients. We know the importance of that first step and are committed to providing compassion and building trust through totally understanding your fears and concerns. Our office has been specially designed to put you at ease by removing many of the sights, sounds, and smells of a typical dental office in your past experiences. Our exclusive first visit Please Hand Me With Care Form allows us to get to know all your concerns, preferences, and fears in detail before we develop a comfortable plan for care customized uniquely for you.

How We Help You Cope With Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety can often stem from the cold, clean, clinical atmosphere that people associate with dentists. Here’s how we can help improve your visit:

  • Comfortable environment: We offer amenities to make you feel at home in our clinic, like pillows, blankets, music, and cable TV.
  • Pain-free procedures: We can use laughing gas and local anesthesia to ease your mental state and make dental procedures painless.
  • Communication: We’re always open to talking with you about your fears or anxieties with your visit and take concrete steps to help ease your worries.
  • We Offer A No-Charge, No-Fear Consultation: Patients with dental anxiety may need a bit of extra preparation before they feel comfortable booking regular appointments. With this in mind, we offer anxious new patients a No Charge, No Fear Consultation where we ease them into the process.

Always About Smiles understands that a patient’s attitude towards a medical procedure plays a critical role in how well the procedure plays out. That’s why we’re always looking out for you to make your visit is pleasant and something you can look forward to.

Always About Smiles: A Pleasant Place For Your Dental Appointments

With over 30 years of practicing dentistry, Dr. Lambert has an in-depth understanding of dental anxiety. Backed by a customer-centric staff, our dental practice can help you face your fears about going to the dentist so you can enjoy better oral health.

For questions about how we can help you through your dental anxieties, you can contact us online through our form or call us at 610-868-9928.