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At Always About Smiles, located in Bethlehem, PA, Dr. Thomas Lambert and his team are dedicated to helping you and your family have the best smile possible. No matter if you need dental implants, dental crowns and bridges, cosmetic dentistry, or just a regular teeth cleaning and dental exam, we use the latest technology and training to provide accurate, fast, and long-lasting results. From your child’s first dental visit to fitting dentures, we can help.

I left the practice at one point because my employer changed insurance and I went to another dentist for my following six-month period cleaning and it was awful. The level of service and the cleaning that I've come to expect, it just wasn't there. Needless to say, I came back and I told Dr. Lambert he's stuck with me now.

When I had my wisdom teeth out, he brought me in and sat me down and he said, "I think were going to have two of your wisdom teeth removed and first off is, what are your concerns? I'm sure you have concerns. What are you worried about?" He addressed each and every one of my concerns which was again, a great opportunity for me to sit down and talk with him and that doesn't happen all the time.

People knew me before, look and say, "Wow!" They're not sure exactly what I had done. Obviously I'm able to do a bigger smile than I had in the past and I'm more confident with my smile now.

Dr. Lambert himself, he's a perfectionist, so if he's not happy with it, he'll redo the procedure. If you're not happy with it, he wants you to let him know.

His work is very nicely done. I will look at some of my teeth and think, "I can't believe he worked on that. You can't even tell that there's a filling in it."
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Our dentist office has been serving the people of Bethlehem, Bath, Nazareth, Easton, Hellertown, Allentown, Forks, and the Lehigh Valley in PA for 28 years, providing modern, thorough dental services for patients of all ages. We work hard to give all of our patients the bright, healthy smiles they deserve. Some dental offices might treat you like just another patient, more concerned with getting your money and then getting you out of the door. Because we never forget that you are a neighbor, we take the time to build relationships and get to know you. When we run into you at the supermarket or mall, we want to see that perfect smile. In this busy day and age, it’s easy to neglect your teeth. Who has time to visit the dentist? And isn’t brushing and flossing enough? Remember that everyone sees your teeth. Whenever you smile or talk, people can see those coffee stains, gaps, or crooked teeth. That’s why dental care is so much more than a health issue. Having a bright, healthy smile improves your confidence and happiness. When you love your smile, you can’t help but show it. But every person is different, meaning that your dental care needs to be personalized. That’s why we have a wide range of dental treatment for all ages. We offer popular cosmetic services such as porcelain onlays and KöR teeth whitening, as well as restorative dentistry procedures like dental implants and zirconia crowns. Yet we also provide general dentistry services. Dental Cleanings and exams, nonsurgical gum disease treatment, oral cancer screenings, TMJ Treatment, and even athletic mouthguards — we are here for your entire family. And when dental emergencies arise, we can help. Because this is about your smile, we focus on you. We always treat you as a partner in your dental care, making sure you have the information necessary to make good decisions about your care. And we know you might have had bad experiences with dentists in the past. That’s why we make sure you are informed and comfortable, and that every procedure is done efficiently but accurately. We even have a “Please Handle Me With Care” form so we can learn about anything in particular that might help you. If you are looking for a dental office that combines decades of experience with modern training and technology, dentist Dr. Lambert and his team are here for you. If you are ready to schedule an appointment, or if you have some questions about what type of dental care is best for you, please call us at 484-935-3637 or use our convenient online form. A member of our team will get back with you as soon as possible. We call ourselves Always About Smiles because that’s what we are. We don’t just want to fix your smile; we want to see it.

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The caring nature of Dr. T, Dr. Lambert, is so incredibly obvious. His team, Mary Lou, the office manager, very, very welcoming. She knew how anxious I was about the situation. They did everything in their power to make sure that I was as comfortable as possible. It was an uncomfortable situation that I was coming in with. They made it very, very, very comfortable to the point where I was able to embrace my oral health again. Since then, to be honest with you, I actually look forward to coming here.

I phones in that morning. It turned out that it was a fractured abscess molar. A nasty thing, really. I called. My first words to the person who answered the phone, who I later learned was Mary Lou, is, "I'm going to be very direct with you. I really don't want any kind of lectures. I've not been to a dentist in a long time. I've got a big problem and I think I need to see somebody." She said, 'No problem. Come in." They actually squeezed me in at the end of their day because it was close to 4:30-5:00.

Dr. T was, he's looking at the whole thing and he explains, "We're going to do this in two different steps. The first activity is we're going to have to see. We're going to clean that out and see what we can do and then we'll come back and then finish it up." My first words were, "You know what? If you're too busy I'll come back." His comment to me was, "You know how uncomfortable you are now? If you leave now I won't be able to give you enough stuff to kill the pain. So let me take care of this and believe me, you'll be better off for it." Sure enough, that's exactly what he did. I walked out of here amazingly pain-free, which was unbelievable, came back two days later. He finished the job and from there it was, where do I sign?